The name Aeaea comes from the stories of ancient Greece and is the mythical island home of the sorceress Circe. I believe this is the perfect setting for purely creative thought. I imagine it being a sanctum where mythical beings could tell the stories of their world without boundaries and based on pure unfiltered emotion.


Each person had gone through their own trials and mine have left me at a loss. This collection, and my artwork in general, as given me a way to break through and take control of my life through artistic expression. Eventually ‘Aeaea’ will explore my vision of inspired by the majestic Canadian landscape and my love of classical mythological.


‘Aeaea’ is my story, exploratory journey, and my first fine art collection. Every concept within Aeaea was created and brought to life by me and my collaborating artists. Thank you to each of your for your support and valued contributions!


 Started January 2014...