Welcome to Blue Merle Artistry, photography by Olivia McCreary!

I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Airdrie/Calgary, Alberta. I have always had a camera in my hand and love working with clients to create lasting memories and images that capture their true personality! My style of photography focuses on feeling and uses perspective to capture images that tell your story. I always come over-prepared to the session and am able to create a comfortable atmosphere for you by providing guidance and collaborating with you to capture the best images possible.

Over the next few years I will be hard at work producing my creative artistic collection entitled Aeaea, inspired by the majestic Canadian landscape and my love of mythology.

You may notice a trend of animal photos in my portfolio, my love for the natural world is strongly reflected in my work and where I choose to volunteer my 'extra' time. I love working with a group of talented and dedicated animal lovers helping to rescue homeless dogs from Southern Alberta.

10 Things About Me:

1. I love the natural world – thank goodness I live so close to the Rockies.
2. I was raised on Nikon cameras.
3. I have started to take after my husband John and try working with new media for my creative projects (e.g. metal working for an upcoming shoot with horses).
4. Best wake up method: puppy kisses from Pepper!
5. I have over 8 kinds of tea in my desk, and use at least 3 different kinds per day.
6. Everyone tells me I should go to bed earlier, which is why you may receive an email at 1am, because yes, I am still working.
7. I get really excited when my orchids bloom.
8. I live within 20 minutes of where I was born...but I try to travel to a new place every year.
9. I love the water and am a certified scuba diver.
10. I am always looking for my next artistic inspiration!

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Olivia McCreary
Owner & Photographer